Contoh Legenda Unik (Narrative)



Long of time, there was a little village in the corner of the city. There was a familiy.  They had one son. His name was Carmolle. They lived happily with their simple life. They didn’t rich and didn’t poor too. So, they was sufficiency. 🙂

          In the night, Carmolle slept in his sofa. In the mid night, he dream about something strange.  Sometimes he smiled alone, screamed alone, and spoke alone. His parent were confused because his behavior. They tried to wake up them son. But, Carmolle didn’t wake up.

          In his dream, he saw his city to be modern city. He saw some modern instruments there. Carmolle cycled arround the city. Then, he found a strange place. In his place, there were beautiful view, many interesting games, and modern instruments. In the place there were also many delicious foods and drinks. such as burger, pizza, and juice. The food was made by beautiful fairy.

          Carmolle was so happy. He rode his bicycleto this place. When, he was in the place, he was welcome by one of the beautiful fairy. Then, he knew her name. She was Samantha. Samantha invited Carmolle to go arround. They went around in a place named “Little Heaven”. Carmolle ate some foods and drank there. He felt satisfied in this place. He didn’t want to go home.

          Many games were played by him.  Carmolle was so happy. Samantha said that the little heaven could be your to Carmolle, because he was the first person who visited the place. He went around the place with Samantha. There were many modern instrument which were controlled by little people.

(Voice of Vase broken)

          Because Carmolle did more movement and he was dellirium. Then, his foot touched the flower vase. So the vase fell down and broke. Carmolle was waked up and he was shocked. His parents came closed Carmolle and asked what happend. Then, Carmolle told his parents about his dream. But, his parent didn’t believe him.

           He was sad because all of them just dream. He trusted that he could reach his dream. Carmolle wanted to make a little heaven. Carmolle did everything to collect money and built “Little Heaven”.  He studied hard and save his more money.

          Finally, when Carmolle was adult. He became a rich man. He made the place like as in his dreaming, it was beautiful park. It was the heaven of the children and the teens. There were many facilities, beautiful ladies, delicious food, many games, and many big buildings in there. The place’s name is “Carmolle City”


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