Long of time, there were two people. They lived in the forest near of the Sumberejo village, Winongan distric, Pasuruan regency. They were the former soldier of Majapahit Kingdom. They were Kebut and Tombro. They made the forest to be settlement. Now, known by the name Jambaan village.

They lived in a peace they managed the land. In addition to live, Kebut opened a blacksmith shop. Since before he was known as the expert made the knife and other sharp weapons.  Tombro just farming. He had two buffaloes. The ricefield was plowed by these buffalo.  Kebut had some monkeys. The monkeys accompanied Kebut to find some fruits in the forest.

One day, Tombro’s buffaloes would go to eat in the field. As ussual the buffaloes went alone they weren’t accompanied by their owners. In the afternoon the buffaloes were usually home alone to the back house. But, in this afternoon when Tombro would close the stable door, he didn’t see his buffaloes. He looked for the buffaloes around the village. Then, he saw his buffaloes in a small pond. Before, he never saw the pond. It is the strange pond. Then Tombro hit his buffalo  so they came out from the puddle. But, the buffaloes didn’t move. The buffalo was apparently trapped in the mud. So, he immediatly picked four Taro leaves and spreaded them to the buffaloes. Then the buffaloes went out from the mud and ran toward the barn.

Tombro stood near of the pond. He saw a strange phenomena. Now, he didn’t  see the turbit mud in the pond. But, he saw the water that was very clean. Then, he saw two small fishes that swam among the branch at the bottom of the pond. He back to the house and told Kebut about this. Kebut and Tombro went to the place and they took care of the place. Time to the time the small pond was changed to be a big pool. And the two fishes breed and to be a lot. The fishes name was “Tombro” fishes. And the people called the place “BANYUBIRU”.


Kebut’s monkies developed into a lot too and since Kebut was dead the monkies usually were hunted by the Japanes soldier. So the monkies went to the forest near of the Umbulan village. We could find the grave of Tombro and Kebut in Banyubiru.

Every Friday, there are many people who come and swim in Banyubiru. They belived that the water in Banyubiru makes us young and it makes us lucky.



Banyubiru is located in east of Winongan district, Pasuruan regency, East Java, Indonesia…


You can also find many unique things in Banyubiru. Such as : Grave, Stupe, and some statue..


There are 2 natural pool and 2 artificial pool…


Feel the excitement while swimming in the fresh water and swim between many big fishes…


Come and Have Fun !!


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